Let’s Redesign Ministry.

Isn’t it about time you built a ministry that you love?

Take A Moment & Listen In…

For a while, it was hard for me to find my voice in ministry.

I had all these feelings and emotions that were true to me and bursting with truth in the word I had come to learn and love. It took me years to find my true voice, and then a little longer to hear God’s voice too. The combination of these both is just soooooo good.

I want every single woman in ministry to feel what I feel today not just about God’s word, but inside of her dreams.

I know that there is you that is ready to build out loud, and I know that there is a woman in ministry yearning to find her own story.

Yes, we’ve grown by asking  “what does God want”, but what would happen if you ask yourself…what do I want too?

How to move your Ministry forward…

There are so many things that you need to do for your ministry. This year you want to grow, you are looking for more and you want a stronger congregation that can help you build a stronger foundation. The question is how. Let me show you how.

God wants more for you and you know it, you just don’t know how to figure out what it is. Stop wasting time, let’s find it together faster.

You Need My Help If…

  • You’re unsatisfied with your progress in ministry now.
  • All of your dreams about ministry aren’t being fulfilled, but you don’t know where to start.
  • There are small thinkers in your faith community.
  • You feel like you’ve been thinking a little small and don’t know where it’s coming from.
  • You’re currently reaching people, but you are clear that there are more people for you to reach and impact but you aren’t sure how to reach them.
  • You have tried different things in private and they just aren’t working. 
  • You are expected to keep a strong face during service but silently you want to run up and do the alter call yourself at times.
  • You have tried to talk to others in your ministry but they don’t quite fully get you and end it with “let’s pray”.
  • You have been in ministry for over a decade, and you are clear that there is something right in front of you and want to be a part of the change you wish to see in this world.
  • You are ready to learn from experience and yearn to talk to someone who understands the human side of you as well as the spiritual side of you at the exact same time.

Every Tuesday at 11:00 am EST

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